Get free unlimited waivers for life, and bring more customers back.

Switching from paper to digital waivers is about more than just waiver management. It's about putting your waivers to work for you. Patch's waiver system is designed to not only safeguard your business, but to amplify your marketing, bring more people back to your business, and increase revenue.

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A simplified solution for creating and managing waivers.


Our intuitive interface allows for quick digitalization of existing waivers or the creation of new ones within minutes, saving your valuable time and resources.


Tailor your waiver forms to your business needs with the option to add unlimited fields, ensuring you gather the necessary information from your customers.


Customers can sign waivers directly on your website, through mobile devices, or in-person using our kiosk app, providing flexibility for engagement.


We ensure compliance with the E-Sign Act and maintain high-level encryption to safeguard all signed waivers, gaining trust from various sectors, including high-security organizations.

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Turn your waivers into a marketing channel.

Waivers can be used as more than just your legal documents—they can be a gateway to customer retention. Integrate your waivers with Patch Retention's marketing tools to re-engage customers through automated messages, rewards, and tailored interactions. Transform your regulatory needs into potent marketing efforts!

Every customer retention tool you need under one login.


Automated Customer Journeys

Guide customers through personalized experiences by automating interactions based on information collected in their waivers.

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Email & Text Campaigns

Craft campaigns with our user-friendly builder, using data from waivers to personalize messages and target specific customer groups.

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Website Chat

Elevate engagement with a dynamic chat feature, seamlessly addressing waiver-related queries in real-time for a positive customer experience.

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Rewards Program

Enhance engagement with a rewards program that acknowledges customer actions, such as completing waivers.

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Text Messenger

Facilitate two-way communication with your customers about waivers through a convenient text messaging platform.

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Review & Ratings Building

Bolster credibility by actively soliciting reviews and ratings, leveraging completed waivers to encourage customers to share their experiences.

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Customer Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable knowledge about your customers, retention rates, and waiver completion through an intuitive dashboard.

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Referral Program

Amplify reach with a branded referral program, using digital waivers as an entry point to encourage existing customers to refer others.

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 Customer Loyalty

Cultivate lasting relationships by acknowledging customer actions, such as keeping waivers up to date and engaging with the brand.

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RFM Analysis

Tailor retention strategies with precision using RFM analysis, incorporating waiver completion data to identify high-value customers.

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Custom Forms

Integrate custom forms in addition to waivers to collect additional customer data and further personalize marketing efforts.

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Customer Segmentation

Divide and conquer with effective segmentation, tailoring waiver-related communications based on customer characteristics.

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