Digital Waivers

Promoting Your Digital Waivers: A Comprehensive Guide

Discover key strategies to boost your digital waivers' visibility and engagement through email, SMS, QR codes, and keywords in this essential guide.



In this article, we'll explore effective strategies for promoting your digital waivers to ensure maximum visibility and engagement from your customers. Digital waivers not only streamline the process of collecting necessary information and consent but also offer a unique opportunity for engagement. Let's dive into the various methods you can employ to promote your digital waivers, including email, SMS, QR codes, and keywords.

Email and SMS Automations for Waiver Distribution

Automated emails and SMS messages can be triggered by various customer interactions with your services, such as signing up for a class, registering for an event, or signing up for a membership.

Steps to Set Up Automated Campaigns:

  • Define Triggers: Identify key actions or milestones in the customer journey that warrant sending a waiver, such as check-ins, responding to questions, filling out a form, etc. 
  • Craft Email & SMS Messages: Write concise messages that convey the need to complete the waiver and include a SmartLink to the digital waiver form. Ensure the message is clear and action-oriented.
  • Compliance and Consent: Ensure that your email and SMS marketing practices comply with relevant regulations (like GDPR and TCPA) and that you have explicit consent from customers to contact them via these channels.

By setting up these automations, you not only streamline the process of distributing digital waivers but also enhance the customer experience by providing timely and relevant communications. Remember, the goal is to make completing waivers as seamless and frictionless as possible for your customers.

QR Codes

QR codes provide a seamless bridge between physical and digital mediums, allowing customers to access your digital waiver with just a smartphone camera.

Steps to Promote via QR Codes:

  • Generate a QR Code: Use an online QR code generator to create a QR code that links directly to your digital waiver. Use the traceable SmartLink provided in your Patch account within your QR code.
  • Display Prominently: Place the QR code in strategic locations such as your business entrance, service desks, or promotional materials.
  • Instruct Customers: Provide clear instructions on how to scan the QR code, possibly with signage or verbal guidance from your staff.


Promoting your digital waiver through keywords involves setting up a system where customers can text a specific keyword to a number and receive the waiver link in response.

Steps to Promote via Keywords:

  • Choose a Keyword: Select a simple, memorable keyword related to your business or the specific waiver.
  • Set Up an Auto-Responder: Configure an auto-response SMS that sends the digital waiver SmartLink to anyone who texts the keyword to your designated number.
  • Advertise the Keyword: Promote the keyword through various channels such as social media, in-store signage, or during customer interactions, encouraging customers to use it to access the waiver.

Promoting your digital waivers effectively ensures that your customers are well-informed and can easily access and complete the necessary documents. By utilizing a combination of email, SMS, QR codes, and keywords, you can reach a wider audience and streamline the waiver completion process. Remember, the key is to make the process as easy and accessible as possible for your customers. If you have any questions or need further assistance, our support team is here to help.

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