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Reach your customers where they want to be reached with email and text campaigns.

Build, send, and manage your email and text campaigns from a single platform. Patch helps you understand your customers, create robust, multi-channel journeys that cater to their behavior, and increase the value of every customer through retention.

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Seamlessly send both email and text campaigns.

  • Personalize your content with customer name, location, purchase history, and more
  • Send messages to all customers, or to specific customer segments based on metrics you choose
  • Announce new items and promote top sellers
  • Send enhanced content, like gifs and videos
  • Pay only for what you use. Each SMS is only 1cent per message
  • Preview your campaigns for both desktop and mobile display
  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
SMS and MMS messaging dashboard
Customer receiving text blast for exclusive offers

One platform for both email and text campaigns.

Save Time and Money

Patch is your all-in-one customer retention platform that scales as you grow. Monitor your email and text campaign performance from a single login, gain deeper insights into your customer behavior, and promote business growth by improving customer retention.

Customer Insights that Lead to Results

Understand your customer behavior and interaction patterns by collecting data from both emails and text messages, and see the impact of using both together. Engage customers who don't open your email by sending them a text message, and vice versa.

Hands-On Support

Patch's dedicated team is here to help you make the most of your retention efforts.

Create compelling content that engages your customers.


See what Multi-Unit Businesses are Saying About Patch

  • “[Patch’s] solutions have helped us integrate digital marketing across our various locations… The platform allows us to personalize messages to different types of customers and automate them based on visit frequency.”

  • “Since we started using [Patch] we have thousands of people in our network, we don’t have to reach people through third-party advertising. It costs us a couple of cents to contact a customer, and even if it takes 10 messages to bring them back, it is extremely profitable.”

  • “[Patch] helps us bring customers back by allowing us to reward and engage our customers on a programmatic basis.”