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Automate, Accelerate, and Amplify Revenue

Achieve Big Results, Even with
Small Budgets

Patch delivers cost-effective solutions with a proven track record. Increase sales, foster loyalty, and see a clear return on investment, without the hefty price tag of enterprise solutions.

Your $295 includes 29,500 contacts. Then, it's only a penny per contact.

At Patch, we believe in growing with your business. The base price of $295 includes up to 29,500 contacts, unlimited email campaigns, no monthly commitment, and no hidden fees.  As you increase your number of customers (and bring more customers back!) your Patch account scales with you, at only a penny per additional contact.

Want to add text and SMS messages to your retention efforts? Those are only 1¢ per message

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*Minimum $295/mo. for the first 29,500 contacts. US pricing only. Other countries, contact us for a custom quote.

Scale as You Grow

Every customer retention tool you need under one login.

Patch's modular features adapt to your changing needs.
Start with the essentials and add more tools as your business expands, ensuring maximum value at every stage.


Automated Customer Journeys

Guide your customers through personalized experiences by automating interactions based on their behaviors, whether they're loyal, at-risk, or previously lost.


Email & Text Campaigns

User-friendly drag-and-drop builder to craft impactful email and text campaigns, reaching either your entire customer base or specific groups based on your chosen metrics.


Website Chat

Elevate customer engagement with a dynamic website chat feature that seamlessly transitions to text messages, ensuring constant and convenient communication.


Rewards Program

Enhance engagement by implementing a rewards widget that automatically acknowledges customer actions and encourages further interaction.


Text Messenger

Facilitate two-way communication through a convenient text messaging platform, for an improved buyer experience and sustained interaction.


Review & Ratings Building

Bolster your brand's credibility and customer confidence by actively soliciting reviews and ratings on your preferred platform, establishing a solid reputation.


Customer Analytics & Insights

Gain valuable knowledge about your customers and see the outcomes of your retention endeavors easily through an intuitive dashboard, without needing a data expert.


Referral Program

Amplify your reach with a branded referral program that offers rewards to both referrers and referees, creating a win-win scenario for your loyal customers.


 Customer Loyalty

Cultivate lasting relationships by acknowledging customer actions like subscribing to your email list and making repeat purchases, fostering a sense of loyalty.


RFM Analysis

Gain deep insights into customer segments using Recency, Frequency, and Monetary analysis, allowing you to tailor your retention strategies with precision.


Custom Forms

Collect even more useful information about your customers and their preferences, so you can continuously improve your retention efforts.


Customer Segmentation

Divide and conquer with effective customer segmentation, which enables you to target and engage different groups with custom retention strategies.

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Streamline your Marketing Stack

Ditch the fragmented tools and subscriptions. Patch centralizes texting, email, loyalty programs, referrals, and more, for seamless, data-driven marketing.

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Empower Your Organization

Get the Support You Need

Patch isn't just software – it's a partnership. Our dedicated team offers setup assistance, training, and ongoing support to help you maximize your results.

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  • “[Patch’s] solutions have helped us integrate digital marketing across our various locations… The platform allows us to personalize messages to different types of customers and automate them based on visit frequency.”

  • “Since we started using [Patch] we have thousands of people in our network, we don’t have to reach people through third-party advertising. It costs us a couple of cents to contact a customer, and even if it takes 10 messages to bring them back, it is extremely profitable.”

  • “[Patch] helps us bring customers back by allowing us to reward and engage our customers on a programmatic basis.”


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