Patch: March 2023 New Features, Updates, & Bug Fixes

Discover Patch Retention's new Shopify feature for easier order tracking and recent updates to enhance the overall portal experience.



We are super excited about all of the new features and updates our teams have been hard at work on this month. We want to make sure you didn’t miss anything so here is a quick breakdown of what our Dev team released for March!

Easily Track Orders with the NEW Shopify Orders Tab

Shopify users can now easily view a contact's Orders directly from their profile in our Contacts module, making it easier to track their order details and shipment status.

To access this feature, simply click on the 'person' icon from within the ‘Contacts’ module to select and open the Customer Profile window. By default, it opens up the Activity tab. Scrolling to the right, you will see the new 'Orders' tab.

The Shopify - Orders Tab includes three primary sections:

  • Order Information: Select from available orders using the dropdown menu, view the Customer Page in Shopify, and view the Order page in Shopify. By default, the most recent order number is listed in the dropdown.

  • Tracking: This section provides the shipment status, estimated delivery date, shipping carrier, order tracking number, and a link to the order status page within Shopify. You can use the clipboard icon to easily copy the details to then send to the Contact via SMS directly from the Activity tab. Check out this help center article to learn how!

  • Order Details: This section provides the Order Total, Payment Status, and Product information. You can also view line item details for the entire order, including product name, quantity ordered, the price for the individual item, and the item total (if there are multiple quantities).

Q4 Release Summary

We have also included several bug fixes and updates to improve the overall experience for our clients. 

These updates include:

  • Loyalty Widget: WTE - UGC Image Field Upload Issue
  • Relative Date Field [Birthday Filters]: You can now easily include/exclude the year when filtering for Birthdays
  • Imports: Include additional field options for the ‘Update Contact By’ function
  • Dashboards: Adjusted parameters on the date ranges for certain cards in order to improve load and performance
  • Templates: Tags between Templates and Messenger are now separate
  • Templates: Send Settings included for ‘Save as Template’ functionality
  • Dashboards: Tools -> ‘Messenger Card’ Data fixed and now reflects Conversation Started Events
  • Automations: Main View Filter - ‘SENT’ Status returns correct results
  • Reports: General Account Fields - Now available in the Reports section. Learn more about our Reports section here.

We hope these updates and new features will help you better manage your contacts and orders within Patch Retention. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Success Team by using the TextChat widget in the bottom left corner of your account or by emailing us at success@patchretention.com.

To learn more about check out the help center articles below:

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Loyalty Widget - Overview

Account Settings - Imports

Account Settings - Templates

Dashboards - Tools Overview

Automations - Main View

Reports Overview

Thank you for choosing Patch Retention as your eCommerce solution.

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