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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my Kiosk Web App freezes?

Here are some tips for troubleshooting the Kiosk Web App:

  • Ensure the iPad is up to date by checking for updates under the General settings of the device. 
  • If you made changes to the Kiosk Flow you may need to deploy the updates.
  • Reload the Kiosk Flow.
  • Clear Safari History and Website Data.

For complete details click here: 

The Kiosk Won't Recognize My Customers

The kiosk doesn't forget points or who you are. As long as the Contact exists within your Contact Database in your account they are able to check in on the Kiosks. For troubleshooting steps click here: 

How to Adjust a Contact Profile from the Kiosk device

If needed, you can edit a contact profile directly from the kiosk device! Click here for more details: 

What size images do I need for the background of my flow pages?

Depending on your device the image sizing can vary, although the majority of Patch accounts use 2048 X 1536 for their designs we recommend clicking here for a complete guide to designing for your Kiosk Flow: 

What type of support do you offer?

We offer FREE hands-on help to all of our customers. You have access to Patch’s Success Team who will help set up your account and provide ongoing personalized support to make sure you are getting the most out of Patch. 

We have your back with everything from account settings to your first automation, we will guide you every step of the way. You will also have ongoing tech support via our help desk, email, phone, extensive knowledge base, and live TextChat. 

Our Success Team and tech support are available during regular business hours, and we’re always monitoring Patch for any emergency issues.

How do I push updates / deploy changes to my Kiosk devices?

Changes to your Kiosk Flow(s) can be pushed to your devices by deploying the updates from the Devices page within the Kiosk Module of your account. 

From the Devices page, you will select the device(s) by clicking the checkbox for the selected device. If you want to select all devices check the empty box above all of the rows, then the next box to the right that appears as well. Then click the 'Up Arrow' icon and follow the prompts. 

For detailed instructions on how to deploy changes from your Kiosk Flow to your device(s) click here: