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The Patch Blog

Thrive digitally as Patch guides your business with solutions for customer retention, reviews, loyalty, referrals, SMS/Email marketing, analytics, and much more.

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PatchUpdates 7.7: May 2024 Release Summary

Discover the latest Patch Retention updates for May 2024: new features, impactful bug fixes, and enhancements to improve your experience.


Navigating Q1 2024 Innovations at Patch

As we wrap up the first quarter of 2024, we can't help but feel stoked about all the new features and updates our teams have been able to pull off.

Website Chat

The Power of Website Chat for Shopify Users

Elevate your Shopify store with the dynamic power of website chat. Discover how a chat widget can transform engagement and boost conversions.


What is RFM segmentation?

Learn all about RFM segmentation with Patch and find out how it can increase revenue and help create targeted marketing campaigns.

Email Campaigns

6 Proven Email Design Best Practices for Mobile

Get ahead of the competition with these 6 proven mobile email design best practices. Maximize engagement and boost your email marketing performance.


Patch: Quarterly Release Summary (Q4)

The quarterly release summary (Q4) for Patch includes Shopify marketing consent, flexible loyalty widget settings, easy-to-use templates for SMS and...



After 12 years of helping businesses, CityGro is rebranding to Patch, a Customer Retention software designed to increase retention rates and maximize...